Services Offered

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Services Offered


1] Aviation strategy including regulation, policy matters and project modelling.

2] RPAS Integration, feasibility, fleet planning, maintenance and support.

3] Test sites in the Indian subcontinent for small to medium UAS Testing. 

4] Beyond Visual Line Of Sight experimental operations, mentoring and consultancy.

5] Product, parts & component Identification, Acquisition and Import Clearance

6] Training Curricula, Modules, Refresher Programs and Specialized course content development

7] DGCA Consultation, liaison and Assistance 

8] UAV/UAS Professional Networking and “Reach back” 

9] LTA, NPNT, UAV design


11] Operations, Technical, Safety and Procedure manual, technical development and compilation

12] RPAS Ground classes, Practical flight instruction, Examination and Licensing



Business Strategy

I have experience taking up projects in the fields of Airports, RPAS, Aircraft Manufacturing, Production, Ops & Sales



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I have experience taking up projects in the fields of Airports, RPAS, Aircraft Manufacturing, Production, Ops & Sales

Reasons to Synergize:

Whilst providing aviation services to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Airports Authority of India, Ministry of Defense, Government of Karnataka, International Corporates, Startups, Established Domestic companies and Equity investors, as an Aviation professional, Licensed Commercial Pilot and one of the 4 elite civilian NTRO / DGCA certified UAV Instructors in the country specializing in training and operations, I’ve a deep understanding of the entire value chain specializing in Unmanned remote & Autonomous Aerial Platforms.


Spanning a quarter of a century, my professional acumen of RPAS technology, practical methodology and a proven analytical framework to many unique and non-traditional projects from an objective viewpoint are invaluable during the intense analysis of customer requirements and the resulting successful integration of unit and system applications, ensuring delivery to the highest standard of quality and safety while managing the critical risks of aviation investment.


Clients trust my expertise to evaluate their entire project to deliver their strategic objectives, and I provide the service and tools needed to make informed decisions critical to the success of the project. I possess the technical competence and the business acumen to approach critical issues with the proper prospective, with timely & effective solutions towards UAS Implementation, and the practical data to ensure the creation of an optimal business model designed to meet the target objectives to deliver unparalleled results.


The potential interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is increasing exponentially and its use of in civil & commercial environment is virtually limitless. Several operators are currently positioning themselves to make an entry into this rapidly evolving and market, that is witnessing an exponential growth phase, with a wide variety of aerial platforms categorized by size, type, systems, payloads and endurance capabilities.


Companies wanting to implement RPAS/UAV systems will need to make educated decisions that require professional expertise required to handle dynamic project management, formulate business strategies, allocate capital, prioritize resources, resolve current issues, manage risks and innovate for the future. Currently there exist just a few DGCA compliant approaches that which allow legal civilian flight operations of RPAS, Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems within the active national aviation eco-space. 


My core capabilities focus on UAV Integration, Assessment, Asset Selection, Evaluation, Comparison Analysis, Mentoring and Training, my client engagements span the aviation and aerospace domain, including commercial, financial, and technical aspects. Typical projects include strategy and business plan development, operational performance improvement, and project support. My skills have been employed to support a varied portfolio of successful aviation ventures across the spectrum.


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