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Aviation Management Professional:

With over 25 years of experience as a Licensed Commercial Pilot, NTRO / DGCA certified UAV Instructor, qualified in Airport & Aviation Operations and Disaster Management, equipped with specialized skill sets & practical expertise and a proven track record of successfully managing & executing high-value projects from conception till completion whilst heading teams responsible for the same, I provide aviation services to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Airports Authority of India, Ministry of Defense, Government of Karnataka, Established Corporates, Startups and Equity investors, operating across domestic & international environments, in the focus domains of:

[Aviation Operations & Project Management]    [Aerospace R&D]    [Unmanned Aerial Systems]    [Training & Mentoring]    

Operations Control Center Integrated Mission Control

NIDM Space Technology in Disaster Management

Faculty Development Program Control Automation 

NESAC Satellite Communications & Navigation 

ISRO Remote Sensing & Geo Info Systems

UNOOSA Advanced Geospatial Applications

ICAO Training Instructor 

Embry Riddle Unmanned Aircraft Systems Safety

DGCA RPAS Master Instructor

NTRO Certified UAV Trainer (DARC) 

Diploma In Drone Technology

Drone Operations Mapping & Photography 

Disaster & Emergency Preparedness 

Innovation Readiness & Commercialization

Airport Operations Management

Technology Innovation

Aviation Management

Commercial Pilots License

Aircraft Radio Operators License

F. R. T. O. L.

CPL Flight Crew Pilots License

[Indian Aviation Academy – 119536097]

[MHA-NRSC-NIDM SL.NO. 1018133]

[Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology]


[DOS 202069500660]

[IIRS 2020493]

[ICAO TIP-522-48642-2020]

[Embry Riddle 2019]

[DGCA RPAS Trainer No. 4]

[NTRO # 131851812171272]

[IID # IID/DM/1379]

[Udemy San Francisco]

[University Of Pittsburgh]

[University Of Texas IC2]

[IATA Montreal Reg. # 12254]

[Lockheed Martin/FICCI/IC2]

[Trade Wings Institute Of Aviation Management] 

[DGCA India No. 3278 1-1233/92 L- (2)]

[Min. Communication WPC RTR(P)-12/96-COP]

[Civil Aviation Authority UK No. RT / 316045 J]

[DCA Sri Lanka SL No.307 C.A./110-6/77]



1] Amongst the 4 elite civilian Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Instructors in India trained by National Technical Research Organization [NTRO] DARC and Certified as a [DGCA] UAV Master Trainer.

2] Appointed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to train the first batch of RPAS Instructors & Chief Instructor for the BVLOS Operators induction program with a Citation from the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

3] Appointed by the Indian Institute of Science as the senior Unmanned Aerial Systems [UAV] Test Pilot.

4] Recognized by the Ministry of Defense [MOD] as a subject matter consultant, spear heading the Aero India 2019 Drone Olympics and appointed as member of the Jury of the evaluating board.

5] Published the first Indian RPAS Operators Training Manual through the Aerospace & Aviation Sector Skill Council [AASSC] & NSDC

6] Lockheed Martin’s recognition of my surveillance airship amongst the top fifteen projects pan India 2007.

7] Delivered the first Indian aircraft to roll-off the Indus Aviation production line to the customer, ferry flying VT-IAA to Carver Aviation. Set up the training division & trained the Honeywell test crew.

8] Mentored over 1000 aviation professionals, pilots, ground crew, technical staff & flight crew currently in active service, globally and across the country.

9] Handled critical disaster management operations involving aerodrome fire, systems failure, air crash incident, pandemic lockdown protocol, aside from Special-ops. IAF & VVIP movements of PM & CM.


Why Connect

The potential interest in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is increasing exponentially and its use in civil & commercial environment is virtually limitless. Several operators are currently positioning themselves to make an entry into this rapidly evolving and market, that is witnessing an exponential growth phase, projected to reach $ 43 Billion by 2024 at a compound annual growth rate of 20.5%. with a wide variety of aerial platforms categorized by size, type, operation, payload and endurance capabilities being inducted.

Companies wanting to implement RPAS/UAV systems will need to make educated decisions that require professional expertise to handle dynamic project management, formulate business strategies, allocate capital, prioritize resources, resolve current issues, manage risks and innovate for the future. Currently there exist just a few DGCA compliant approaches that which allow legal civilian flight operations of RPAS, Drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle systems within the active national aviation Eco-space.

As a recognized aviation professional, with experience spanning a quarter of a century, I’ve a deep understanding of the entire value chain specializing in Unmanned Remotely Piloted & Autonomous Aerial Platforms, and a proven track record of successful project delivery. What I bring to the table is the practical expertise & technical competence required to make informed decisions critical to the success of a project. Clients trust me to achieve their strategic target objectives and to deliver unparalleled results.


Projects Managed

My engagements span the aviation and aerospace sector, projects undertaken include strategy & business plan development, operational performance improvement & project support. My core capabilities focus on UAV Integration, Assessment, Asset Selection, Evaluation, Comparison Analysis, Mentoring & Training. My skills have been employed to support a varied portfolio of aviation projects across the spectrum encompassing: Aviation Strategy, RPAS Integration, Beyond Visual Line Of Sight Experimental Operations, UAV Flight Instruction, Examination & Certification, Specialized Course Module Development, Training Curricula, Flight operations, Fleet planning, Maintenance and Technical Support, Design, Development & Research, Equipment Type Approval, Digital Sky Unique Identification Number, NPNT Integration, Unmanned Aircraft Operators Permit Documentation & Clearances, Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management, Urban Air Mobility, Government Agency Regulations, Policy & Procedure Consultancy, Subject Matter Expert  Advisory, Assistance & Liaison & Professional Networking.


With regards to Drones, UAV’s, Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems, Tethered Aerostats, Winched Aerial Photography Platforms & Remotely Operated Airships:

1] Proficient in the design, construction, fabrication, repair, operations & management of polyurethane film, rip-stop nylon, aluminized nylon and multi laminate envelopes. I have the technical knowledge of helium inflation, ballasting, venting, purging and recycling and of pressure, temperature altitude and payload operations ground support equipment, ground stations and ground power supply.

2] Hands on experience working with composite structures including fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, sheets, rods and extrusions, foam & honeycomb cores, forming and bonding, aerospace grade metal alloys & components, composite propellers, gondolas, shrouds, aero foils and dynamic control surfaces

3] Familiar with the installation of electric propulsion systems, high amperage reversible electronic speed controllers, digital rotary servos, high torque linear servos, lithium polymer cells (charging and operations) data sensors, auto pilot & flight control units and telemetry systems including transmitter and receivers.

4] Experienced in maintenance & handling of payloads including high definition optical/digital zoom & stereoscopic cameras, FPV/HUD/HMD/NVG Displays & [FLIR] thermal imaging systems and gyro stabilized platforms.

5] Well versed in preparation of manuals, flight safety & operations management, mission planning, pre-flight checks, load & trim, fueling, ramp operations, ATC clearances, launch, airborne flight, station keeping, recovery, post flight checks and monitoring of tethered ‘lighter than air’ aero-structures for advertising, surveillance, aerial photography and related mission roles.

6] I am a certified flight radio telephony license holder that ensures that I am familiar with the integration & use of Avionics and Navigation equipment including VHF & HF communications, VOR/ILS, transponders, radio altimeters, radar, DME, GPS, ADS-B systems including autopilot waypoint sequencing & navigation.

7] Professional experience in the construction, maintenance, and flight checks of DGCA certified light sport & trainer 2 seat aircraft and allied logistics including aircraft production, manufacture of primary and sub components, mating, integration, testing, crating & dispatch of CKD units, airframe, avionics & power plants and delivery of fully assembled aircraft.


Aerodrome Safety Manager

Responsible for liaising with governmental organizations including the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Airports Authority of India, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Defense, Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, Central Bureau of Investigation, Air force, Fire Department, Police, National Technical Research Organization & Government of Karnataka.

Enforced rules and regulations that relate to the aerodrome operations. Provided safety advice proposed corrective actions on safety related-issues to the top management along with scheduled reports Established mechanisms for the management of all aviation activities, operating procedures, personnel standards and flight safety and security within the aerodrome to ensure airfield is protected.

Handled inspections and reports of safety hazards observed in work area, equipment and infrastructure and initiated corrective actions when necessary. Managed the coordination of the day-to-day land-side and air-side operations, inclusive of ground operations, air-side fueling, planning coordination and facilitation of special operation movements, handling unexpected events, emergencies and unscheduled traffic.

Managed an air crash incident and search for missing aircraft. Handled 3 major aerodrome fire incidents and alerting response teams in the event of emergencies. Handled the entire safety operations, lock down and curfew protocol in response to the Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 Global Pandemic.

Involved in the arrival coordination and de-crating operations of the new Tecnam 2010P single & Tecnam P2006T twin engine aircrafts, Managed the refurbishing of the ATC, in charge of the operations of the Aero India Drone Olympics 2019 conducted at the aerodrome under the aegis of the Min. Of Defense & MoCA.


Senior Air Traffic Controller [SATCO]

In charge of the ATC team, managing the duty roster, airside safety inspections of the runway, taxiway, apron, breath analyzer test records, monitoring of main and critical systems encompassing power, radio equipment, hotlines, computer systems and emergency systems including fire safety. Manage all ATC financials and control expenses within the approved budget.

Obtaining and issue of flight plan clearances, squawk codes, weather updates, runway closures, and other critical information to air crew, Hand over transfer of departing flights out of Jakkur Airspace in coordination with Radar, to IAF Yelahanka, HAL or Bangalore International control centers and acceptance of inbound flights, recording arrival & departure logs, CA-12, collection of TNLC and parking charges. 

Handling radio communication for landing and takeoff instructions, flight coordination, vectoring aircraft, maintaining minimum separation for safety, assigning sectors, routing and altitude, monitoring and directing the movement of multiple aircraft on the ground & in the air, safely & efficiently to minimize delays.

Control all airside vehicular traffic and authorized personnel at the aerodrome, issue taxi instructions and authorize aircraft/vehicle movements on the active airside, across runway, taxi track, ramp or other designated areas.

Handled Single engine, multi engine, turbine aircraft and helicopter movements, including Medi-evac, Charters, Corporate aircraft, Test flights, Training flights, Cloud seeding, Geological survey, Reconnaissance, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle & Drone operations, NCC, IAF, Para-motoring, Lighter than air vehicles and VVIP schedules of the Prime minister, Chief Minister, Diplomats, HNI and Celebrities. 


Authorized Synthetic Flight Instructor on the Advanced Glass Cockpit Simulator

Tasked with the technical operations of the: FNPT-II Advanced Glass Cockpit Simulator, accountable for the security of Flight Simulator project including authorized scheduled maintenance, calibration and troubleshooting, initiating start-up sequence, conveying the system online, setup procedure, active flight simulator sessions, system shut down processes and lock down. Ensuring that the flight training devices (FTDs) and scheduled simulator are available and online for training. Interacting with simulator technicians concerning all systems functions and malfunctions and documentation.

Preparation of the Flight Simulator, lesson planning, development, utilization and revision of ground school syllabi, pilot training publications and Expanded Instructor Action Guides, Integrating Crew Resource Management (CRM)/Human Factors training with technical (procedural) training, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Checklists, and Minimum Equipment List (MEL), flight instruction on [Exercises, Instrument procedures, Simulated emergencies an system failures] Provide pre-briefings and post-briefings before and after each Simulator lesson, keeping all publications used in Simulator training current.

Perform administrative duties relative to training such as preparing for the delivery of training, record keeping, flight logs, monitoring cadet progress, training development and maintenance of training programs. Reporting to the CFI any training issues or conflicts.


NTRO-DGCA certified RPAS Trainer

Being amongst the elite 4 NTRO-DGCA certified Master Trainers, I was appointed by the DGCA to conduct the first RPAS Trainers Induction Program for the Flight Training Organizations Pan India at the Directorate of Civil Aviation & appointed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation to train the teams for the Indian ‘Beyond Visual Line Of Sight’ Program (BVLOS), I bring years of experience in writing and implementing numerous successful TTPs for unmanned technology having  personally developed the Training & Procedure Manual for the Government Flight Training School Karnataka, & implemented UAV/UAS training programs (Government & Civilian) & obtained clearances from AAI & DGCA Min. Of Civil Aviation to operate UAS Test Sites in the Indian subcontinent for BVLOS Testing​.  Published the country’s first recognized RPAS Operators Training Manual accepted by the Aerospace & Aviation Sector Skill Council of India.


Professional Timeline

Indian Aviation Academy (IAA) DGCA/IAA/BCAS (2020 ~ Present)

Senior RPAS subject matter specialist conducting CBT training as faculty member of IAA for government officials & corporate clients from induction programs to advanced certification. Conducted workshops for Airports Authority of India, Trained the RPAS Instructors of the FTO’s pan India at the DGCA headquarters, conducted the Beyond Visual Line Of Sight Remote Pilot Aerial Systems Operators training program at Begumpet airfield and project coordinator for The Consortium for BVLOS Experimental Operations.  

Government Flight Training School (GFTS) Jakkur Aerodrome (2017 ~2020)

SATCO & Aerodrome Safety Manager, NTRO Certified Trainer on UAV’s & RPAS, DGCA designated Drone instructor & authorized technical operations instructor on the advanced glass cockpit flight simulator. Handling air traffic control for aircraft & helicopter movements including VIP, Medi-evac, Cloud seeding, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Test flying, Drone operations & Trainee flights in coordination with Radar, BIAL, IAF Yelahanka Air-force Base, HAL Airport, MLU, AAI, DGCA, MoD & Government of Karnataka.

Thaejus Aerodyne Research Labs (2007 ~ Present)

Manufacturing Remotely Piloted / Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Hybrid ‘Lighter Than Air’ aerial platforms, Aerostats, Airships & Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles, from inception to its current position, I’ve privately funded & managed the entity. Over the evolution of the project, I’ve acquired specialist knowledge and non-conventional skill sets that make me proficient in R&D, design, construction, fabrication, repair, operations, mission planning, management & certified instruction of UAVs & ROVs.

Trade Wings Ltd (2007 ~ 2014)

As Joint Director, set up and headed the aviation operations training department, designed & developed the Aviation Operations Management Program, obtained ICAO training center recognition for the institute, conducted training for Phoenix Global Solutions, ITDC, AISATS, while directly being involved in the design of the Computer Based Aviation Training Portal & designing training modules. Personally mentored over 1000 aviation professionals, ground crew, technical staff & flight crew currently in active service, globally.

IndUs Aviation Inc (2005 ~ 2007)

G.M (Operations), Setup the training division and oversaw production & allied logistics including import & manufacture of primary & sub components, mating & integration, avionics & power plants of the Thorp T-211 aircraft at Taneja Aerospace. Record export of 6 CKD’s & significant cost savings as a result of personal initiatives in strategic sourcing of domestic vendors. Responsible for flight checks, scheduling & aircraft delivery. Obtained the NOC from AAI to establish the operations base at Salem aerodrome.

Royal Caledonian Clubs & Resorts (2000~ 2005)

Was involved in designing the project from inception through commissioning, headed administration & human resources, business planning, marketing, advertising, promotions, ensuring sponsor relations, aside from managing routine operations. Managed successful programs in association Global brands including ESPN Star, Coke, ICICI, Titan and TVS Motors. Adept at handling exhibitions, media events, corporate presentations, press conferences & press releases for TV, Radio, Newspaper and digital media.

Tetra Aviation Pvt. Ltd (1999~2000)

Set up the new maintenance & engineering base, airport operations center and handled the site survey for the hangar at Salem aerodrome. Managed the training academy block, administration office & corporate accommodation within the city. Responsible for flight & airside operations, engineering & maintenance support, transport & fuel logistics. Controlled scheduling, aircraft positioning, FTPR DSR & Flt. Ops. records, logs, license formalities, crew roistering, H.R. administration, accounts, finance and salary payroll.

Falcon Air Aviation (1998~1999)

Heading Bangalore station, was actively involved in the start-up process, setting up of the operations base obtaining clearances from the DGCA, instrumental in obtaining a MOU from HAL Airport for slot & landing clearances and the fueling contract from IOC. In charge of flight, terminal, airside & ramp operations, managing scheduling, aircraft turn around, radio communication, TNLC, RNFC, catering service & passenger facilitation. Involved in route planning & making presentations to corporate & high value clients.

Peace Air. (1994~1995)

An airline start-up based in Colombo Srilanka, I served as the personal assistant to the chairman & CEO, responsible for overseeing and ensuring that official directives were carried out whilst actively involved in all aspects of the start-up process, having supervised the construction of the ramp zone & hangar at Ratmalana Airport, aided in the setup of the operations team and research of potential routes. Was entrusted the task of training the ground staff in airline commercial operations and ground handling.

Thank you for taking the time to review my professional profile, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Should you have any further queries you can revert to me on the following mail Id: or Mobile: +91 7022045598. 

With regards, 

Capt. Raejus Job

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